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Our Concept

As a not-so-city girl that grew up in sunny South Florida, that now lives in beautiful Rural Pennsylvania, I wanted to share with my loved ones all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables that are in an abundance in my new found home in PA. I had always wanted to learn to can and found that my “Jam sessions” were definitely my happy place. So with that… LC Farms was born. All of my jams are made in small batches with the freshest locally sourced ingredients and I have been known to go off course on a road trip to bring home a special ingredient that must be made into the best jam.

There are no “funny” artificial ingredients or preservatives added. If I can’t say it or spell it then I certainly don’t need to be eating it!  With that being said, once opened they need to be eaten within 2 to 3 weeks, and don’t double dip! Since there no preservatives in our jam, make sure to use a clean utensil every time to get the maximum lifespan. None of this should be a concern though because one bite and you will certainly gobble it right up.

Where to find LC Farms!

Shops that sell our products

Britain Hill Venue & Vineyard
790 Little Britain Rd N,
Quarryville, PA 17566
Britain Hill at The Livery
1702 Lampeter Rd,
Lancaster, PA 17602
Flickerwood Wine Cellars & Twisted Treats
920 Market St,
Oxford, PA 19363
309 Flickerwood Rd,
Kane, PA 16735
Coming Soon
Kathy’s Corner Shop
100 S Main St,
North East, MD 21901
Coming Soon:
Off The Cuff
217 Main St,
Parkesburg, PA 19365

Serving Suggestions

Bourbon Caramel:  a wonderful boozy caramel dip served with your favorite sliced apples, sharp cheeses, or a dollop on top of a brownie.

Chocolate Amaretto:  a heavenly spreadable chocolate sauce with warm notes of Amaretto. The perfect accompaniment to strawberries, bananas, orange slices,  fancy s’mores… You may even dip the cat in it it’s so good.

Pineapple Jalapeno: ( not spicy at all ) the king of the charcuterie board. Pour this over a brick of cream cheese and serve with your favorite cracker.  Amazing as a glaze on pork chops.

Mango Habanero:  Tropical heat!!! Mangos from Miami with a kick of habanero… it’s a salsa dancer in a jar. Sweet with a little heat. Delicious over cream cheese or a topping on baked brie with your favorite crackers. Also a great surprise as a glaze on chicken wings. (note: on occasion, I will make a VERY spicy batch for those that love the heat. Jars will be labeled accordingly)

The French Fig:  A blend of Merlot Wine infused with Rosemary and homegrown figs. Truly a magical addition to your charcuterie board. Best with a toasted wheat cracker, sharp cheddar cheese, prosciutto, and a dollop of jam. Pinkies up!

Jalapeno: ( not spicy at all ) A surprisingly unique taste of sweet and sour peppers. Pour this over a brick of cream cheese or goat cheese and serve with your favorite cracker.  A savory bit of yumminess.

Roasted Garlic Jelly:  Even the vampires won’t be able to resist!  If you are a garlic lover, this is it. Serve this on a butter cracker with a slice of your favorite sharp cheese and a bit of prosciutto. It’s garlicky, sweet, and savory. Would also be a great spread on roast beef or corned beef sandwich.

Bananas Foster:  A blend of bananas, pineapple and coconut in caramelized sugar with a warm splash of spiced rum. A wonderful topping for ice cream, cottage cheese & waffles. Add your favorite toasted chopped nuts (we like pine nuts) to put it right over the top.

Rhubarb Gin:  A blend of rhubarb, lemon, and vanilla with a splash of Aviation Gin. It makes the best adult PB&J you have EVER had. Also heavenly on ice cream or added to your favorite martini.

Rhubarb Orange Cardamom:  the combination of Rhubarb, oranges, and the warmness of the cardamom is delicious on a croissant, English muffin, or scones.

Peach Sriracha:  Summer peaches with the kick of Sriracha. Definitely a little zippy. Amazing as a sauce for chicken wings or pork chops. Always good with cheese and crackers as well.

Blueberry Lemon:   the perfect springtime combination. Perfect for breakfast, salads, and dessert. Use on top of pancakes, bagel w/cream cheese, thinned with olive oil as a salad dressing, or an ice cream topping. Can also flavor a martini. The possibilities are endless.

Carrot Cake:   a combination of homegrown carrots, pineapple, and apples with cake spices. Put on your bunny slippers, this is the perfect morning, on a bagel with cream cheese. Tastes like cake for breakfast.

Peach Orange Basil:  spiked with Grand Marnier, this jam is amazing on top of scones, bagel w/cream cheese, thinned with olive oil as a salad dressing.

Peach Papaya:  a little jar of sunshine. Great on a bagel with cream cheese, corn muffins, and ice cream.

Strawberry Margarita:  Strawberries, Lime, and yes, TEQUILA!!!  the only thing missing is the salt! So delicious poured on top of baked Brie.  A twisted topping for ice cream.

Sweet & Spicy Onion:  stupid good with anything off of the grill!!!! Our favorite is on top of a burger with blue cheese and crumbled bacon. Truly life-changing!

Sweet Florida Heat:  spicy orange jam that is incredible as a dip for coconut shrimp, chicken nuggets, and a cream cheese topping as well.

Tomato Jam: This is a new jam to the line-up. We love it on top of toasted garlic-rubbed crostini, a slice of smoked gouda and a dollop of jam. All we can say is WOW!

Christmas Jam:  Cranberries, Strawberries, and Orange with cinnamon, clove, and allspice really says CHRISTMAS.  Amazing for Christmas morning breakfast or on that leftover turkey or ham sandwiches.

Santa Jam: Strawberry Cranberry a less tart holiday jam. If you are not so crazy about cranberries but love the festive blend, this is the jam for you!  A unique use is to thicken and use as a cake/cookie filling or shaken into a spectacular martini rimmed with powdered sugar.

Jalaberry:  (Cranberry Jalapeno) a little tart with a spicy kick. Christmas with some sass!  Serve up a turkey sandwich with a little surprise, or bake on top of a pastry-filled brie.

Cranberry Wine Jam: The adult cranberry sauce! A festive addition for your holiday charcuterie board. This jam is a tart blend of Cranberries and fruity wine. If turkey and stuffing had a tipsy best friend,           this is it!

Vanilla Spiced Asian Pear:  a unique blend of Asian Pears, and warm winter spices with a splash of spiced Rum.

Sweet & Spicy Garlic Sauce:  It’s sweet and spicy and garlicky. This sauce makes a wonderful glaze or marinade for meats to grill. OR you can make an amazing Asian salad dressing!!!!!!! (There is a recipe for the dressing on every jar.) Can add the marinated meat to your salad as well. We have even used it on noodles with veggies and toasted sesame seeds.

All we can say is WOW!

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